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Belgische gestrande reizigers in het buitenland Om te kunnen bijdragen tot een oplossing, roep ik alle betrokken landgenoten in het buitenland op zich aan te melden op onze website: www.travellersonline.diplomatie.be. Dit zal onze consulaire diensten toelaten om rechtsreeks contact te leggen met Belgische reizigers en hen op de beste manier te informeren.Meer info op https://diplomatie.belgium.be/sites/default/files/downloads/brief_goffin_aan_belgen_in_het_buitenland.pdf […]

Return to the UK from Chile

Return to the UK The FCO strongly advises non-resident British nationals in Chile to leave the country, to avoid difficulties while commercial flights remain available. The team at the British Embassy in Santiago is in contact with the Chilean Government at a senior level, with local authorities, travel companies and cruise operators. LATAM are currently […]

Return to the UK from Argentina

There are currently extremely limited commercial options available to return to the UK from Argentina, and there are no direct flights from Argentina to the UK. Argentina’s borders remain closed to foreign nationals and non-residents until midnight on 12 April. The borders remain open to those departing, but there are only a limited number of […]

Overlanders helping overlanders

Overlanders sharing useful information on extending TIPs, .. If you have updated information on border or immigration procedures changing as a result of COVID-19, please consider adding it to 4ever2wherever.com, a website for travelers that been online since mid 2019. Information about extending TIPs, leaving vehicles behind, automatic visa extensions etc, is very helpful to […]

Global call for safe havens for overlanders

Help for overlanders who got stuck during Covid-19 As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread causing border closures, travel restrictions and health concerns it results in members of the Overlanding Community becoming trapped far from home and/or struggling to find accommodation or somewhere to store their vehicles and homes. If you are in a position […]


Bern, 19.03.2020 – Earlier this week, the Federal Council called on Swiss travellers to return home quickly. In order to better support those who are still blocked abroad, they should register on the “Travel Admin App” of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA. The FDFA currently has information on the location and contact address of only some […]


Coronavirus: les réponses à vos questions pour les Français en voyage https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/le-ministere-et-son-reseau/actualites-du-ministere/informations-coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-les-reponses-a-vos-questions/article/coronavirus-les-reponses-a-vos-questionsou par s’inscrire sur Ariane  https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fildariane/dyn/public/login.html


Krachtenbundeling voor gestrande Nederlandse reizigers Nieuwsbericht | 23-03-2020 | 14:00 Nederlandse reizigers in het buitenland die door de Coronacrisis niet in staat zijn om zelf hun terugkeer te regelen, worden daarbij gesteund door het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, het Verbond van Verzekeraars, de reisbrancheorganisatie ANVR en diverse andere partners uit de reiswereld. De organisaties hebben […]