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Return to the UK from Chile

Return to the UK

The FCO strongly advises non-resident British nationals in Chile to leave the country, to avoid difficulties while commercial flights remain available.

The team at the British Embassy in Santiago is in contact with the Chilean Government at a senior level, with local authorities, travel companies and cruise operators.

LATAM are currently operating a reduced service and this could cease in the near future. You should be aware that airport/flight tracking websites are often not updated in real time and so might not contain the most up-to-date information.

As of 27 March, British Airways has assured us that the Santiago-London flight will continue as normal until their last flight on 3 April. Some flights may have last minute availability. BA are accepting last-minute bookings at the airport desk at Santiago Airport. If you have a booked flight and will not take it, please let your airline know so that the seat can be allocated to someone else.

If you are travelling to the airport to catch a flight from one of the areas under quarantine or curfew, please ensure you have your passport (and your boarding pass if you have one) with you. Please use a recognised taxi service or airport transfer whose driver should have the requisite permissions.

If you plan to fly back to the UK please ensure you have not overstayed on your visa – this could affect your departure.

Although their switchboards and websites will be very busy we still encourage British nationals to contact their travel agents and airlines to confirm travel information.

Further information

The British Embassy Santiago is posting updated information from airlines regarding flights that will be leaving Chile to the UK, on the Embassy Twitterand Facebook channels.

See additional advice on making travel plans to return to the UK, or what to do if you cannot depart immediately.


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